Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the creative Q

The Creative Q is like a wine-of-the-month club for artists/crafters/creative people who have stopped making art or feel uninspired. Members receive a simple physical object and a related prompt that is open-ended and "media agnostic" so they can interpret it in any way they choose and make whatever they want, whether its a painting, a song, creative writing, etc. There also a little mini envelope that comes with the prompt in case the members wants more "Qs", but they only open it/look at it if they need more help. The goal is to provide just the slightest amount of help to get the creative person "unstuck" without limiting or really changing how they choose to express themselves.

Another key part of the service is an online virtual studio, where members upload their work, write about it, and give feedback to their peers. Work will be tagged with the associated challenge # so people can see how other people responded to the same prompt/object.

the creative Q home page

the creative Q studio page