Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my solution: code name "creative challenge"

Creative Challenge is a subscription-based service (web or snail mail) where users receive prompts, materials and timelines to create work and share it in a virtual studio.


My interviewees cited a lack of time, inspiration or funds to create art. There was also a common longing for the structure of art classes and the sense of community found within a working art why not create a service which provided minimal structure, subtle prompts and a responsive community to get them back in the habit of making art. I do not want to create a "crutch" for artists, merely a set of training wheels to allow them to acheive balance and gain confidence, only to remove the training wheels and ride off on their own in the future.

If people were to receive creative prompts, they would make work and share it with others. This could create a virtual “studio” space where artists could interact, seek feedback, and express themselves. Eventually people may get back in the habit of making art without having to receive the prompts.

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