Saturday, October 10, 2009

Intended Solution Focus

While anxiety and making play a role in this new permutation of my project, I am currently exploring a variety of concepts which intend to jump-start "stuck" ex-artists/crafters to help them find their voice and start making art again. The new working title for my project is BLANKCANVAS.

BLANKCANVAS is a collection of solution concepts and prototypes which all intend to provide an experience which is extremely meaningful to my target audience of ex-artists/crafters, and propels them to make art or craft projects again. Based on my user research, this segment associates the act of art making with the following core meanings:
  • Accomplishment
  • Community
  • Creation
At this point in the project, I have many preliminary ideas. To provide some context for the following competitive experience analysis, I will first share two of my prototype ideas.

concept 01: start/stop
a web-based service which connects people who are stuck at different phases in their creative process. Within my research, some interviewees stated "it's hard to start" while others stated "it's hard to finish" an art/craft project. If these two types of people were able to swap ideas or projects, or even offer words of support to each other, it would help them through the hardest part of their personal making process.

concept 02: creative challenge
a subscription (web or snail mail) where users would receive prompts and timelines to create work. My research pointed to a common longing for the structure of art classes and the sense of community within a working studio, but a lack of time. By subscribing to this service, members would feel somewhat accountable to make the work and may share it with other members. This would create a “studio” space where members could interact, seek feedback, and express themselves.

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