Wednesday, September 2, 2009

group brainstorm

I went to a great group brainstorming session last night and got some feedback on my ideas.

I talked about anxiety like goldilocks--too little anxiety, you lack motivation, too much, you are do you capture the "just right" amount. Like what if procrastinators were able to take a pill that made them more anxious (opposite of an anti-anxiety drug). After blabbering on for a few minutes, people brought up this interesting stuff to investigate:
  • tracking the physical response to anxiety; biorhythyms

  • tracking anxiety/creativity over time

  • elizabeth gilbert-TED talk-->the muse, clearing a space for your creative genie...if your half shows up, eventually the genie will come...

  • creative habit--decrease anxiety?

  • parallels with sports to click into a mode (like tossing a ball a certain amount of times to get "in the zone")....ritual

  • how has anxiety changed over time?

  • can your mind be wheels? adrenaline playing a role.

Then I talked about the scenario where people transform anxiety/lack of confidence into creative empowerment while Painting Pottery. I got some interesting feedback on this topic as well:
  • highly related to a lack of confidence. perhaps the goal is to "engage your doubter..."

  • empowerment comes from letting go of control...

  • worrying through it, groan zone

  • research recreational drugs in creativity

  • EST transformational groups

A lot to think about, moving forward.

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