Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IDI #3: Ashley Frazier

Ashley Frazier
Creative Director & User Interface Designer
Masters in Interior Design
"Ex-maker" (of art: printmaking, painting)
without feedback, i'd be happy, but it makes it better to get another level of commentary

i feel so bad about it...i spent so much time on art making. I liked having a way to express myself, but now that i don't do that anymore, it's kind of like if i went to law school and never practiced law...not that i am a lawyer-level artist

Question 1: How are you creative?
  •  i'm creative when it comes to problem solving.
  • i'm good at coming up with new ways to think about something or solve a problem
  •  i am most creative when a current situation makes me have to make a decision--different from making a painting
  • problem solving can still work in art--web design, interior design
Question 2: What motivates you to make?
  • when i come across something i feel needs to be done better or in a more visually appealing way
  • problem i come across--what's a more interesting way to solve it ?
  • most problem solving has a visual output
  • hard to separate it from web design
  • helping people be creative about their process---sometimes people define their process by predetermined limitations/barriers, i like helping people see what it would be like without limitations...a lot of it ends up as a visual representation
  • ART
    • a grade at the end of the semester, inspired by things going on in my life
    • i never felt like i had deep meaning to things like other artists had
    • senior project-study of barbie's-pop-culture, easily relatable to sorority people, stereotypes, confirming to ideals, etc--she wanted to prove that she was not a typical art student--rebelling against what people thought of me (sorority sisters view of an artist, art majors view of a sorority sister)
    • typical art students have deep-seeded angst, and something important to say--she didn't have that....the work she wanted to do was seen as superficial, happy work
    • art  should make me feel something--but it doesn't have to be this really deep reaction
Question 3: Can you describe the last time you made something? How did you feel? Where were you?
  • hmmm...the last time without a computer was in my undergrad. which is really sad...i can't think of anything since undergrad
  • i really enjoyed the process of printmaking--layering papers and inks
  • subtractive woodcut process--she really liked it
  • it was also scary, since you had a limited number of prints to work on
  • the fear that it might not come you exactly as you had planned.
  • conceptualize your ideas, break it down into little steps
  • most of the time it turned out better since it wasn't what you were expecting....
  • you have vision for the piece, but it has a life of it's own but it ends up being better because of that

Question 4: How do you feel before you make something? While you are making something? After you are done?
  • excited about the process and the ideas that i had
  • there'd be tension during the process
  • at the end, i'd feel proud of what i had accomplished
  • that i had been able to get what i conceptualized out of my head and onto paper
  • i enjoy getting feedback---having gone to art school, i do really well with constructive criticism--what i can do to improve, take it further
  • without feedback, i'd be happy, but it makes it better to get another level of commentary
Question 5: Are there any particular parts of the creative process that are challenging for you? Any parts that are easy?
  • challenging: getting started on something that you have some instruction on what the end output will be, but how to translate that into something visual becomes difficult
  • especially when there are constraints(like from a client)
  •  most of the time when someone asks you to do something, they can't do it themselves, so how can you turn it into something they like

Question 6: Are there any colors, smells, sounds, or tastes you associate with making things?
  • skipped   
Question 7: Is there a particular space (mental or environmental) where you feel more comfortable making things? What is this place like?
  •  yeah, i don't know, i generally tend to ...
  • i am a procrastinator even if i am wanting to do it
  • put some music on so i can really get in a motivated working mood
  • upbeat music i can hum to
  • i'll generally set my computer or work stuff up at a table, with a chair (not couch with TV)
  • if something isn't too creative, i'll sit in front of the tv
Question 8: Is there a particular space (mental or environmental) that holds you back from expressing yourself creatively? What is this place like?
  • in theory, i'd like to get back into it. before i start something, i need to make sure my space is ready for it, i'd want to clean everything up, set up the space, etc. i really want to dust right now...the idea of painting with a dusty house does not appeal to me in case dust gets in the paint
  • i have "creative procrastination with a touch of OCD...."
Question 9: How do you make a space your own?
  • skipped   

Question 10: How does a personal, designated space affect your creative experience?
  • skipped  
Open Conversation
  • I don't make art any more because i haven't really set up a space where i can do things, i don't have a press...i haven't been inspired to buy all the supplies i need
  • painting on a pre-made canvas isn't appealing--i want to stretch it, gesso it, etc.
  • i get really into something that by the time it's finally done, i am ready to move on
  • i did painting for so long that i don't want to do it anymore
  • i haven't found time--part laziness
  • i haven't felt inspired--there's nothing I can think of that I've seen and said "i want to paint that"!
  • i put all these ridiculous restrictions on myself, but i want to have a space to do it
  •  i feel so bad about it...i spent so much time on art making. I liked having a way to express myself, but now that i don't do that anymore, it's kind of like if i went to law school and never practiced law...not that i am a lawyer-level artist
  • everyone who goes to art school is not an awesome artist
  • it seems sad to devote all this time to something
  • it's not completely true i don't act creatively, i just have a different outlet now
  • certain level of responsibility when you make something
  • when you are doing it as a job, is there the same level of responsibility
  • if you are doing it on your own, it's different than creating creative work--at work you are creative within restraints, but it's not the same as a blank canvas/paper in front of you
  • "i feel i have to put so much time in creative stuff, but i could do something quick like sketching a bit every day"

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