Wednesday, September 30, 2009


based on my research, making is hard to start, but once started, it:
  • is fun
  • creates confidence
  • encourages mindfulness
  • imparts satisfaction and pride
  • engages others
So why don't I create something which helps people MAKE and reframe their identity into one who makes: a MAKER?

But people already make, everyone is a maker, just not everyone considers themselves a maker so they can't reap the benefits of what makes someone a Maker?
  • someone who transforms something into something else, typically creating value in the process
    • could be cooking, art, craft, writing, blogging, tweeting, ANYTHING!!
    • not all types of making are equal in value, but most types of making have similar benefits and processes
If I were able to create a product, service or policy which redefined "making" and made almost any type of creative expression a legitimate, beneficial thing to make, people would therefore feel more satisfied, and stop feeling "ex-maker guilt" (if applicable). project title:


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